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Repair service price comparison for a Google Pixel Smartphone

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Repair of a broken Google Pixel Smartphone Your Google Pixel is broken or damaged and you are looking to get your Pixel repaired? Compare now and find the best price for the required service for your Google Pixel and go directly to the store.

Repairing your broken Google Pixel is in most cases cheaper than buying a new smartphone. You can expect costs of about GBP 50 for repair services of your mobile device. Replacing the display is normally a bit pricier than that. However, in almost all cases it is cheaper to get your Google Pixel repaired than buying a new device.

What kind of damage of your Google Pixel should be repaired?

Software Rapair
Different Repair

The most common repairs / damages of the Google Pixel

At 100 percent software update is the most frequently selected service for the Google Pixel.

The following diagram (infographic) shows the distribution of the most common repairs / damages of the Google Pixel. The statistics are based on the repair requests (multiple requests possible).

Software Rapair

If your Google Pixel does not turn on anymore, constantly turns of or even displays error codes, a Software error or a failed Software update could be the cause. A trained technician would be able to quickly asses whether your Pixel has a Software problem and fix the issue.


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(Status: 15-Jan-2017)
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Price trend of Software Rapair for Google Pixel

Unfortunately we are not offering a comparison of repair shops that would be able to fix this particular issue with your Pixel at the moment. We are working hard to keep adding additional repair services to our comparison. You might still want to check in with our partners whether they offer the required repair for your Google Pixel.


Get your broken Google Pixel fixed at MyTrendyPhone

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